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Jaatakam is a free and fun, new way to generate your birth charts online

Make Your Own Horoscope

Provide your date, time and place of birth to generate an indian vedic horoscope or birth chart. View your current dasha and antardasha. See more details like Navamsa chart when you save a horoscope to your collection

North, South, and East Indian Charts.

Change the options to display either north indian, east indian or south indian horoscopes. You can also change the language view your birth star and planet positions in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi apart from English language

View Daily Transit Positions

Obtain current astrological predictions based on current and future planet positions in your transit houses and see their impact. View details of what impact each planet position has on your fortune as per vedic astrology. Use the controls to move planets forward and see when next transits happen and their impact

Match Horoscopes.

Check natal chart compatibility between two horoscopes as per indian astrology. Get details of how dashas of two horoscopes may impact one another via intersections. Calculate how the 36 Gunas match. Check for Manglik / Non-manglik matching

Share with Friends and Family.

Generate and save many horoscopes for your friends and family. You can send the saved horoscopes and predictions by email or print them as pdf to see it offline.

Get Notifications

Get notified by email as and when planet transits happen by subscribing to notifications
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